Branding – J19 Global will create an authentic and loyal image, unique to each company’s name, colors, concept, and vision. Our goal is to establish a significant presence through all aspects of an intense advertising campaign. J19 will develop your brands image to cohesively flow through all visual appearances ranging from print, Influencers, product placement, commercials & film production, as well as your non-profit endeavors. J19 Global authentic branding, marketing, media and back office methods aim is to brand your image at first glance, while continuously attracting and retaining loyal customers.

Entering the J19 Think Tank is your first step to growth. The Think Tank team at J19 approaches all products, projects, marketing, media, and clients in ways that are analytical, and sensible. Our Team will take you, your products, and your vision and have several intense strategic debate sessions, while foreseeing and managing any crisis. With over 100 years of business experience, we take the guess work out of branding, marketing, media and crisis management which allows you to focus solely on growing your business.  

The style in which you approach your brand will determine the demographics that are attracted to it. Style is not something you can buy or sign up for. Style is the way your brand carries itself.  The way style tells your story is ultimately what you need for your brand to leave a lasting impression. Style should say your company is bold, on top and different; your product is cool, and it is what the customer wants and needs. Style means you have now become a trend setter. “Choose carefully!” – Tena L. Brown

J19 has some style gurus in its ranks. We will assist you in crafting unique memorable shapes, textures, color pallets, and styles to take your band to its next level! J19s CEO and founder Joshua Dennard will be the first to tell you, “If you want a memorable brand, then create a good story”. We call it “Style Evolution,” because it enhances your brands natural qualities and effortlessly flows them into taking that next step to being the newest trend setter.

Concept development is a big part of what our “Think Tank” team does when an idea is brought to the table. We know the vision is important but making the vision transcribe to the masses is a skill set. Passion is one thing, but passion has to be cultivated into something that can be articulated and visualized to the millions creating sensational imagery.  

When cultivating our relationships with each individual client J19 asks when people see this body of work or hear about it, how does it speak to their brand.. How does it connect to the person watching.. How does it relate back to the overall vision of the company.. Will the person volunteer to tell everyone they know what a good feeling it gave them?  J19 takes all these things into consideration at the Think Tank table and throughout the process. It is not only a person, a color, a product, or a project, it is your livelihood and J19 will help it become a lifestyle!

It is important to have a thorough plan for your product or project. J19 mixes your vision with civics, civility, healthy living, wellness, safety & inclusion. We create a process for your project that promotes steady and exponential growth. This plan and its following action allows for J19 to combine your prospects, customers, and fan base making them feel included and excited. This will help them to remember your brand. Being transparent about your brand, it’s cost to its clients, its basic development, and its philanthropic desires, is a philosophy the entire team and partners at J19 holds dear to their hearts. The product development is definitely the largest part of your brand, but it should never stray far from the foundation of creativity, philanthropy, care & respect.

Your brands message is a creative work of art. It can change the world and simultaneously leverage your legacy if used properly. Always ask yourself: what are you trying to say, what is the best way to say it, am I explaining it properly, do I need to be especially detailed or paraphrase, is my message short & to the point, or does it linger? If your brand does not have a specific message tailored for your product your audience will have a hard time understanding it.

For example the message at Apple is cutting edge creativity. The message at McDonalds is family, fun & food. The message at Nike is perseverance. What is the message for your brand? This isn’t always an easy question but J19 can help answer it by diving into your company’s history, the history of its owners, the legacy it leads itself to create, the style, the mission, and other factors. No matter what that message is, J19 partners work with all of their clients to combine their business vision with the worlds philanthropic needs of healthy living, wellness, civics, civility, inclusion, diversity & safety in our growing world of uncertainty.  

“ITZ TYME” for the world to be a better place. Your brand can help it get there.     

Words, Words, Words.

Words are important. We use them in every facet of society. How you use words directly reflects how people think about your brand. That is what we mean by language development. J19 makes sure you’re communicating in the most clear and concise way possible. The words we craft will become slogans and catchphrases. They will captivate, motivate, and inspire. The creative visionaries at J19 enjoy inventing new word phrases and the ways they can be used. Without words there can be no story. Some words are invisible and called subtext, some spell out exactly what they mean, while others speak more creatively or rhythmically to get a point across. No matter how it reads, it helps to have a team of people like J19 who enjoy creating content in the language of your brand and whose passion is to translate that for global understanding.

Every brand has a different language. J19 Global will make the dictionary for yours.

The logo is the id for the brand. Having a good logo is essential to brand recognizability and impact. There is no one way to make a good logo, but J19 knows a few ways to make a unique and impactful logo. 

#1 Is a Captivating Design – In order for your brand to stand out, its image or ID has to be different. Our “Think Tank” team creates unique designs that are sure to turn heads and always trigger in your memory..

#2 Is a Well-Rounded Experienced Design Team – Today’s society requires a lot more from a logo than a simple sketch drawing and to compete in today’s branding arena, you have to be versatile with your logos delivery. It needs to be interactive, animated, two-dimensional, three-dimensional, augmented, digital, and virtual. It also has to keep up with each new phase of technology. To keep up with these increasingly heightening design requirements, J19 has partnered with some of the best of the best when it comes to technology and design. Maintaining and furthering these partnerships is why J19 can provide top notch service and ultimate design versatility.         

#3 Is a Universal Appeal – A brand ID aka logo, must be able to fit anywhere on the globe. It must accomplish this without losing any detail or symbolism. Having a universal appeal means your audience will connect to it regardless of their geographical location. Sometimes this outcome includes a bit of critical thinking and variety within the design. J19 understands that handling this universal approach is a delicate and  hard balance. We not only have a brilliant convoy of creative graphic teammates & partners, we are also entrenched with creative concept film developers that can navigate the dance between too much variation which loses the message, and too little which loses the audience. Universal appeal is all about the harmony between global thinking, broad distribution, widespread merchandising and a recognizable worldwide logo.    

You have read about elements of art design in the above subjects, but in the specific art development portion of branding is when things get creatively interesting for J19 and our clients. Using the latest apps and technology, J19 bridges the gap by creating a brand with simplistic elegance and urban imagery, along with the perfect color pallet that pops! It takes more than the latest technology to reach your brands point of singularity – it takes true artistic creation. J19 is big on creative concepts and thought-provoking story telling. This allows for some truly original artwork framed around branding and color psychology, which is the study of colors on the human mind. Our art department and color pallet experts help to calculate the colors your brand will need to make the highest impact for maximum logo brand memorization.

“Connecting to a global network and maximizing your on-going positive impact is the essence of effective advertisement”.

– Joshua H.B. Dennard  

J19 Global believes in order to fully connect with your brands true customer base, your ad campaign must not only create print, commercial, product placement and film avenues for visibility, it must also create an influx of followers, views, likes, pins, and Influencers.

As a Reputation Builder, we must tap into the root of your vision to help support your legacy. We do this with content that is not only relative, but that is the embodiment of quality entertainment, branding and services.     

Print media and radio grassroots marketing is a tried and true technique, however we at J19 understand the importance of achieving the highest peak on your data mining chart. Our technique for achieving that goal is to build out your digital range of viewership by asking ourselves: Where can people see you? How do they see you? Do they keep watching? Do they tell their friends?

Smart placement, influencer inclusion, social media followers, app building, digital billboards and other creative campaigns are ways we use our camera lens to create a demand for your content. Our Reputation Builder goals are to obtain a minimal of 500,000 views for you. Let us lead your journey! 

The apps, systems and software it takes to run a business while simultaneously building a brand blend much like paint on a canvas. Our “Think Tank” gets together to paint that picture. J19 uses its skills, experience and tools to build and utilize technology that tracks your data mining and grows your demographics to produce a more well-rounded brand.

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