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We at J19 Global understand how taking the 1st step in rebranding yourself in today’s society can be difficult. An inclusive outlook is a hard balance with new initiatives on a more global scale. As more and more businesses are trying to figure out the direction of rebranding, we are not always conscious of our business and personal diversity. This includes our health, wellness, lifestyle needs, safety for ourselves, our clients, and our employees. The bold examples you are now considering by envisioning the need to include all generations will break barriers. (Gender roles, sexual orientation, race, health, education, wellness, safety, inclusion, economics, etc ). With the day to day struggles we experience inclusion is a noble undertaking.  Expressing this need, while putting these things at the forefront of our lives, is a necessary part of today’s society. That is why J19 Global will be a refreshing fit for your company’s brand. We carefully craft your authentic rebranding through our 100+ years of personal family business development experiences. J19 Global uses: Film- Making, Creative Concepts, Pragmatic Analytics, Common-Sense Marketing and Healthy Living, Crisis Management, and Film-Making. We do it all with passion, care, and respect.

J19 Global

It's a new kind of history!
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The Model

J19 Global is a highly structured, ground-breaking, new business model that shares joint co-executive producer credits with independent contractors. J19 Global empowers commission-based independent contractors, content creators, and business owners to follow their dreams with their own concepts.

The Reasons


J = Joshua, the CEO of J19 Global Entertainment. This character represents much more than just the beginning of his name. J is a symbol of leadership, completion, justice, and joy. Joshua appreciates the name J19 due to the weight & symbolism, something he has been fond of since his youth.



19 = The early 1900’s led to many great things for mankindThe first narrative film in 1903 (The Great Train Robbery), aviation,  the 1st traffic signal, The Theory of Relativity,  Route 66, and eventually, telephones, television,  the first consumer camera, computers, internet and so much more. In the mind of J19 the 1900’s led not only to the birth of narrative film, but out of the box thinking. 

 Every millennium from now until forever will benefit and reference inventions and innovations from the 1900’s.


Global =  The perspective in which we build content around the world. A story that is felt globally is always worth telling. J19 believes in making an impact because there are no prizes for things that do not push culture, technology, arts, education, and understanding, forward. The next generation of ultimate entertainers will be called J19 Visionaries. We will focus on inclusion by choice or by force. Everyone will have a seat at the new table regardless of age, gender, race, religion, or sexual preference. A J19 Visionary, uses their camera lens or other creative tools to take people from then to now. They push  you, they inspire you, they force you to be your best.  It will be an enlightening journey when you learn to “see without a sky”.  


enTerTainmenT =  The three” T’s” which represents Tena’s former company called The T TableThe T Table is apart of TCurvz Island. Why TCurvs? She says,“ My name is Tena and I’ve got curves”. Tena encourages everyone to embrace their body, like who you are, and be secure with the choices that you make. 

 Tena and Joshua are without a doubt immersed in the industry, and have been for a long time. Now that she and Joshua have joined forces once more, they are utilizing their true and authentic gifts to invoke unapologetic creativity and ultimately be “greater than the life we live”.

 Entertainment is a tool we use to inform, educate, and do business. 




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