Production Packages

Tiers are determined upon consultation. Prices may vary based on scope and timeline of project. Advertising and distribution are negotiated separately due to variance of project demographics. Itemized budgets are provided upon the start of pre-production. Receiving an itemized breakdown of cost indicates your interest in utilizing our production services and requires a deposit so we may begin pre-production. Deposits are non-refundable and typically a third of your tier cost. However,  under special circumstances we will negotiate otherwise. 


$5,000 & up


$6,500 & up

Short Form Projects

ie: events/sketch comedy/short films/personal branding/training videos/promotional content

$7,500 & up

Television Pilot tiers

Tier 1 Sizzle/Trailer/Commercial/PSA
(Advertising cost are separate)

Cost $25,000

Valued at $45,500​

Tier 2 Sizzle/Trailer/Commercial/PSA
(Advertising cost are separate)

Cost $35,000

Valued at $64,000

Tiers 4 & UP

Projects will be negotiated

Tier 3 Sizzle/Trailer/Commercial/PSA
(Advertising cost are separate)

Cost $43,500

Valued at $82,000

Feature Film & Episodic Series tiers

Tier 1 Episodic Series/Feature Film
(Advertising cost are separate)

Cost $40,000

Valued $67,500

Tier 2 Pilot/Episodic Series/Feature Film
(Advertising cost are separate)

Cost $50,000

Valued at $89,500

Tier 3 Pilot/Episodic Series/Feature Film
(Advertising cost are separate) ​

Cost at $57,500

Valued at $97,000

Tier 4 Pilot/Episodic Series/Feature Film
(Advertising cost are separate) ​

Cost $75,000

Valued at $150,000

Tier 5 Pilot/Episodic Series/Feature Film
(Advertising cost are separate) ​

Cost $96,800

Valued at $250,000

Tier 6 & UP
(Advertising cost are separate) ​

Projects will be negotiated

Equipment & Skills List

We use 4k industry standard cameras. Including the Arri Alexa Minni, Arri Amira, Sony PXW-FS7, RED series cameras, and Black Magic Series cameras.

Each camera comes with the necessary rigging and components for extended battery life and over 6 hours of record time. Camera packages also include monitoring, special attachments, and mounted synched audio. You will hear us refer to “speciality equipment” this include but isn’t limited to: drones, 3-axis gimbals, stedicam, underwater camera housing, VR & 360 cameras, jibs, and external recorders. 

Are audio professionals have a wide rand of devices ranging from a simple 2 track mixer to a 8 track mixer. Short booms, long booms, wireless lavaliere microphones, wireless handhelds, and professional monitoring stations, and timecode synch.  

J19 utilizes some of the best grips and gaffers in the industry. In these departments it’s safety first. The list of grip and lighting is extensive light wattage ranges from 650w to 10k. The bigger the light the bigger the stand and the power requirements, J19 has access to generators, heavy duty light stands, portable truss systems, clamps, c-stands, and sandbags.

The tools to shape the light are just as important as light itself: silks, scrims diffusers, flags, gels, frames, reflectors and more.

The grip & electric package varies based on project tier, need, location, and time. All equipment might fit in a van while larger productions will require multiple 2 ton trucks. We base the grip & electric list off of the script and itemized breakdown. 

J19 Global has some amazing partnerships for graphics & animation. A green screen studio that has the capabilities of motion capture, 3d modeling, character rigging, animation, special effects, augmented reality, and concept renders. We it comes to animation and graphics your commitment and imagination are the only limits.  

J19 comes fully staffed for production: directors, writers, producers, cinematographers, audio engineers, editors, graphic artist, storyboard artist, animators, location managers, location scouts, set designers, casting agents, craft services, grip, gaffers, electricians, unit production managers, digital imaging technicians, script supervisors, director & producer assistants, production assistants, hair, make-up, wardrobe, carpenters, transport, travel agents and security. 

All productions will have a crew to scale based on tier and requirements. A professional crew allows for the above the line members of the project to focus on maximum creativity and supreme quality output.    

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Frequently asked questions

In simple terms, ROI is the money an investor in a business earns for the injections of financial capital. 

The Entertainment Industry is uncertain with ROI’s but it’s more desirable to get a +15% return over one year than it is over two years total investment. .

 Your show/intellectual property, can be leased countless times from you the owner, by other companies. Throughout the universe and in all languages. It can be put in your vault and recycled at a later date for profit. You own and can sale any and all merchandise and have creative control of your content.  

J19 can: 100% own, co-own with client, sell to network, or lease to network(s). The intellectual property split will depend on negotiations and percentages agreed upon by J19, Client and or Network.   

Sell 100% to production company, lease to production company. 

Selling a commercial to the networks for a percentage of the cost. Usually 10%

Is a Corporation or Company who has a product and wishes to place it in your film or entertainment projects, in exchange for pay. In some circumstances it can be in exchange for services. For example, M&M’s offered the film E.T.  1 million dollars worth of advertising in exchange for mentioning their product.

Example: ROI = (Net Profit/Cost Investment) x 100

Options will be made relevant through the buzz we create for the show through the Sizzle. Until viewership reaches a minimum of 300K, after the production of the Sizzle, we will continue to market as to ensure a measurable profit margin.



Avg. budget per episode

Viewer rating (IMDB)





Game of Thrones




Once Upon a Time




House of Cards








The Big Bang Theory




Orange Is The New Black








Modern Family








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