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Stages of Film Making Pre-Production Production Post-Production




Pre Production-This is the stage of production where negotiations, planning, development, design, casting, scriptwriting, budgeting and scheduling take place. In order for full scale production can begin.    

Production-During production also known as principle photography the grip truck drives up containing all the gadgets, rigging, and lights needed for high quality cinema.  Also the cameras we love cameras! 

Post Production-There are many elements that have to happen after cameras shut off. Special effects, color grading, distribution, advertisement, test screenings and more. Post is the follow through!      

       Crew         Cast    Locations      Permits     Scripting    Storyboards   Distribution  Negotiations Advertisement

 Camera Roll Sound Speed       Lights    Wardrobe         Hair     Make-Up       Props   Set Design      Acting     Directing

     Editing   Animation   Promotion Final Product

Top Tier Post-Production

  • Additional Financing
    • Finalize Ad buys
    • Finalize Ad sells
      • Honor existing Ad sale agreement
  • Utilize extended advertising budget
  • Lock-in ad buys acquired by J19 Global and the client
  • Make program available for lease purchase
  • Measure ratings through data mining(post release)
  • Grow reputation & viewership through
    • Data mining
    • Demographic response
    • Evolving pragmatic marketing strategy
    • Social, print, and broadcast media
      • Social Media
      • Print Media 
      • Broadcast Media
  • Continue to film the syndicated series or special
  • Continue advertising and merchandising
  • Agree to a 3-year media and marketing management agreement
  • Client management agreement(optional)

Support for Film & T.V. Graphics Animation  Technology Books

  • Website Design
  • Creative Concepts
  • 2D/3D Design
  • Infographics
  • Media Production Concepts
  • Print Concepts
  • Apps 
  • Content Streaming
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality 
  • Computers & Software
  •  Inventions & Patents 
  • Acting
  • Directing
  • Lighting 
  • Camera
  • Buisness
  • Financing
  • Book to Screenplay
  • Ghost Writing
  • Publishing
  • Script Writing 
  • Set Design 
  • Casting
  • Venue
  • Advertisment


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