Technology & Systems (coming soon)

  • Phone
  • eFax
  • Video conference
  • Audio conference
  • File sharing
  • Timeline task masters
  • Calendars
  • Complete integration with Google Drive Box
  • DropBox
  • Evernote
  • OneDrive, Etc.
  • Social Media Apps
  • Actors Casting Submission Apps
  • Film Apps
  • Clients Specialty App

Digital Apps

Virtual & Augmented Reality

J19 develop its own in-house apps some of which are top secret. We connect people with apps that involve casting and video submissions. These apps allow you to book a job in various categories within the entertainment industry.  

The next big wave of interactive entertainment. J19 has a few inventions and partnerships that ensure a full experience when watching their content.  Technology moves so fast it’s hard to keep up but our intention is use tech to change the way stories are told. 


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