Client Process

We provide our Clients with a personalized: COMPLETE, COMPANY, CLIENT, PRODUCT PORTFOLIO, by using our organic RESOURCES and FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS. In doing this, “WE CREATE YOUR DREAMS”. We take your Wish-List and Concepts, then blend them with our Resources, Creativity, Research, and Business Savvy Teams. This allows us to maximize your CLIENT BASE, and BUSINESS EXPOSURE for Years of GENERATIONAL SECURITY and WEALTH.

We accomplish this goal by combining all of J19 Global Entertainment services collectively: Film Making and DocuStoriFilms; Media; Branding; Marketing and Promotion; Commercials, PSA’s, and Infographics; Event Planning; Product Placement; Distribution; Internet Base Phones system; Audio and Video Conferences; File Sharing; Timeline Task Master; and Calendars. Through Pragmatic Analytics; Common Sense Marketing; Data Mining, and Demographics. Using Integrated Internet Back Office-Apps, Software, Systems; Think Tank and Crisis Management Research; Financial Resolutions; and Film Production.

Step By Step Process

Step 1
Our think tank team comes together to develop an authentic marketing method for your brand. These things will include production, web design, training, distribution and so much more.
Step 2
Once things have been calculated, we go over the schedule and budget with all parties. Putting the elements on paper for a definitive timeline so things will be done efficiently.
Step 3
In stage 3 things get ramped up and the creative process comes in full swing. Camera's roll, apps are developed, websites are designed, influencers are assigned to be brand ambassadors, and more.
Step 4
This is where everything comes together, the brand ambassadors, the authentic marketing method, the content, the website, and more. In step 4 we navigate our various distribution outlets.
Step 5
Branding & marketing doesn't come without consistency. In step 5 is where we evaluate the process and make changes and/or finalize global distribution.


Build Together

Some of the things the Think Tank cover include marketing strategy. Pragmatic analysis and common sense marketing, data mining, and crisis management.
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Become a Rockstar

Health, wellness, civics, civility & safety are some of the causes where we partner with champions and add unique elements of entertainment. Marketing to their initiatives.
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Get Automated

J19 has back office systems that help communications and accounting. These systems boost the efficiency of your brand. We also offer strategy breakdowns that maximize your resources.
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Show your Vision

Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production, everything before, after, & in-between.
Create Your Dream


Get your project out there!

Avenues include various cable networks associated with Charter Spectrum Cable, AMC, Netflix, & more.
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Keep Up.

Industry moves so fast, sometimes your team needs a little boost to continue being innovative.
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Interactive Creation

You have a design or a model that needs to be available to the public. It's the 21st century. Build an app my friend.
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The Crux of a Project.

If it can be financed it can be done. J19 has avenues that turn your small investment into a larger one making full scale release not just a possibility but a plan.
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