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ROI (Return on Investment) is a performance measure used to calculate the gain or loss generated on an investment, relative to the amount of money invested equal to net income divided. Which is the efficiency of the investment compared to the profitability being favorably to its cost.

EXAMPLE: ROI = (Net Profit / Cost of Investmentx 100

Also, it’s important to note that the basic ROI calculation does not take time into consideration. Obviously, it’s more desirable to get a +15% return over one year than it is over two years.

In simple terms ROI is the money an investor in a business earns for the injection of financial capital.

In the Entertainment Industry, the ROI is extremely difficult or cannot be determined by comparable references. Film projects are usually the first of its kind with no fan base and or profit and loss sources, unless a show is a series and has a consistent track record of success or failures. There are projections that can be made based on the pedigree of similar content. For example (Jake writes an original script , his script is x-genre/genres, with y-characters, & z-archetypes) estimations occur based on prior success of the xyz variables and how they have shaped other projects in the past. (Jakes script blends series like Transformers with a fresh take on classics like Back To The Future). In this fictional example two variations within the same genre cause you to look at the individual success of both categories and sub categories. Then compare mash up models and the audience reception of them. This in turn allows for estimated profit margin & demographic targets.    

J19 Global and Show Creators Retain Rights and lease Content Profit Options

The final profit opportunity is, J19 Global can 100% Executive Produce, Direct, Film and solidify: Ad Buys and Commercials for the entire show and or series and lease the show to multiple streaming companies and or networks. Both J19 and show creators will receive residual income from all the multiple streaming avenues, as well as Product Placement, Ad Buys and Commercial revenue.  As a full-service Film and Distribution Company, with this format J19 Global Ent., will have secured a multitude of large, medium, and small streaming distribution partners; Network and Premium TV distribution partners; Musical Outlets distribution partners; and Movie Theaters distribution partners. Which puts J19 in a unique position, to simultaneously write their own ticket and Globally share the success, wealth and creative vision with the show creators As we will create content; produce, direct and film content; and distribute content on our own and our client’s terms and vision.

J19 Global can 100% Executive Produce, Direct, Film and solidify: Ad Buys and Commercials for the entire show and or series and lease the show to multiple streaming companies and or networks. J19 will pay the show creators a commission-based percentage of profits or an agreed upon lump sum on projected income of shows worth.

Commercial Ad Buys are traditional methods of creating revenue for the show. The same people who place products often pay for commercials. However, the Network most times than not, will retain a maximum of 90% of the Commercial Ad Buy profits, if not all. Unless the entire series is totally Executive Produced, Directed, and made by the Film Company, and is picked up for syndication. Then Ad Buys can sometimes be negotiated.

While many of  think of movies when they think product placement, television actually accounts for almost 71.4% of all paid placements – and about 75% of all broadcast-network shows feature placements of some kind. Product Placement Pricing on average is between $60k to $250k.

i.e. The movie ET, M&M Candy gave them $1,000,000 in advertising just for showing them the bag.



Avg. budget per episode

Viewer rating (IMDB)





Game of Thrones




Once Upon a Time




House of Cards








The Big Bang Theory




Orange Is The New Black








Modern Family








Options will be made relevant through the buzz we create for the show through the Sizzle. Until viewership reaches a minimum of 300K, after the production of the Sizzle, we will continue to market as to ensure a measurable profit margin.

Network Payout “sell, lease, promote show” – (100% average)

Product Placement – (100% Average)

Show Commercial Advertising – (10%/90%) network average

Digital Advertising “web, social media” – (75%/25%) network average

Contest – (75%/25%) network average

Sponsorship – (90%/10%) non-profit average 

Merchandise “speaking, web series, videos, lessons, schwag” – (75%/25% cost average)

Flip “personal/retail or commercial” – (50%/50%) network average) 

Flip “organization ie: schools, businesses, police dept, etc..” – (75%/25%) cost average) 

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