Web Design

Web Design

 WordPress, Ecommerce, 24-Languages, SSL Security, SEO, Hosting, Virus Protection, Logo Design, Color, Branding, Infographics, Cloud hosting 

Web Series & Content

The web series and or content that comes from J19 Global will be a Hollywood style, episodic series, promotional piece(s), & commercial campaign(s), all with original  characters. J19 Global will use this content to create a brand that sticks. Storytelling is as old as time itself. Taping into that art & mixing it with todays technology allows J19 to create content that gets the mission of your brand across. The vision you have matters. You can watch it come to life like never before, when working with J19 global and the team.

Web Style

  • We will create a website that is educational in its efforts, to illustrate your business model to the world.
  • The design will be entertaining and fluid, by allowing the audience to interact with a host of characters, information, videos, and opportunity.
  • The web design meaning will be philanthropic by demonstrating and giving acts of kindness through opportunities with Education, Healthy Living, Wellness, Civics, Civility, Safety and Wealth.

Web Functionality


  • Manage your online reputation budget driven campaign (ppc)-long and short term.
  • Create online reputation using more specific terms, such as your name or company name etc. through all Social Media Networks.

Importance Of a Good website



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