Distribution & Promotion

Distributions Outlets at J19 Global

National Distribution

J19 Global, after facilitating an entire production, can walk a product into one of our distribution sources. Before walking the product to our distribution sources we make sure the product has the proper reputation, strategy, and press material.  This includes a three year trajectory, over 500,000 followers, mass marketing campaigns & an online digital presence.   

International Distribution

J19 Global works with a few foreign networks and distribution partners. We have some very strong partners in the Hispanic community, African communities, Europe & Asia. The J19 Global initiative is to be a company that makes a difference and who makes worldwide content. This involves streaming to various countries and nations. This distribution method is contingent upon the product containing a global feel or gimmick. 

Online Distribution

In this day and age a good digital foundation is key to a sustainable business. J19 ensures that our clients have an influx of content ready for distribution via YouTube, Vimeo, personal websites, digital networks, & ads. This content can be the only thing that gets distributed or can support the larger frame of projects being worked on. This is based off company needs and interests.  

How Distribution Works

Distribution of J19 Global products will be made available on mainstream networks, theaters, and streaming services. To find out more about our distribution options & financing contact us so we can plan the best course of action for your product. 

So many factors come into play when calculating a distribution plan. J19 Global Entertainment assesses your current applicable demographics and combines it with J19’s generational psychology to come up with a distribution platform and strategy that makes sense and promotes maximum exposure. Our goal at J19 is to distribute content where the originators and creators retain rights and ownerships while opening themselves up for growth. 

Aggregate Broker & Company Broker

  • Negotiate show OR Produce commercial product on a network, theater, or event for viewing

Show or Event Outlets

  • Streaming Networks
  • Primetime/Premium/Cable Networks
  • Movie Theaters
  • Large Events, Shows, & Tours

Commercial AD Buys

  • Placing a 15, 20, or 30 second commercial about your product at a set time within a show.

Product placement Ad Buys

This places a tangible product strategically in the inner workings of your show or event for maximum viewing. The potential for profit in product distribution can offset production costs before the show hits the air. There are numerous companies that would love to place products on a show to associate that product with your brand. “Product Placement” by industry standards can range from thousands to millions of dollars. These negotiations will be based off the individual products and or vendors that will be advertising through the Product Placement method. This is the preferred method over traditional commercials. Companies offer this larger payout in the form of Visual Product Placement dollars.


While many people think of movies when they think product placement, television actually accounts for almost 71.4% of all paid placements – and about 75% of all broadcast-network shows feature placements of some kind. Product Placement pricing on average is between $60k to $250k. (i.e. The movie ET, M&M Candy gave them $1,000,000 in advertisement just for showing them the bag)



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